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#BCM #Risk Management -Towards a Resilient Enterprise

QATAR 11th May 2023

Dusit Doha

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The GCC Security Symposium is back with its 7th Edition – this year Bigger!

The Symposium is touring 3 countries in GCC – UAE, KSA, and Qatar and will be gathering over 400+ leading security decision-makers in 2023. We all have a role to play when it comes to cyber security – attackers are increasingly circumventing technical controls and targeting account holders who inadvertently ‘open the door’ to attackers.

Apart from the overarching theme of ‘Sec_rity is not complete without ‘U’, the
symposium will also have a closer look into how leaders in BCM and Risk management are helping companies to build a strong business case for business continuity and crisis\risk management. The event will also bring together top leading professionals that are involved in crisis management, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and business resilience.

The symposium is an ideal platform to gain exceptional knowledge on how an agile BCM plan will bring increased flexibility and agility to your organization. The event will feature a super array of powerful keynotes, presentations, workshops, and panel discussions along with an exhibition featuring top providers in the business continuity and resilience industry.

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Global CISO Forum  Dark Room Briefings

Global CISO Forum Dark Room Briefings

A group of 8 to 10 CISOs gets together in the Dark Room to determine the hidden risks, threats and vulnerabilities of the 2022 organizations

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organizations identify Risk management and BCM as a top Priority for 2022 *Findings of GCF Outlook Survey
Global CISO Forum  Dark Room Briefings

Global CISO Forum Dark Room Briefings

A group of 8 to 10 CISOs gets together in the Dark Room to determine the hidden risks, threats and vulnerabilities of the 2022 organizations

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CISOs\CIOs are in the lookout for Cloud Security Solutions for 2022 *Findings of BOTS 2021-22
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Increase of budget in cyber security spendings *Findings of GCF Outlook Survey
Keynote Sessions

Keynote Sessions

Ice-breaking and thought provoking keynotes on current threat landscapes. Hear from renowned experts and practitioners what they think will secure the perimeters of 2022.

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CISOs, CIOs are identifying secured automation functionalities *Findings of BOTS 2021-22

CISO Awards

The Cyber Sentinels CISO Awards will recognize the hard taskmasters of security in the digital enterprises and felicitate their unwavering commitment towards their organization’s security infrastructure. The award recognizes the top CISOs who are using technology to secure critical business information assets and minimize risk while delivering business value. The award ceremony is a platform to showcase their achievements, share their expertise and knowledge.

25+ Expert Security Speakers

30 Top CISO Recognition

5 Decisive Panels

200 Leading Organizations

4 Vertical Driven Segments

4 Critical Side Tracs

Future Security Leaders Awards

As the threat landscape becomes increasingly vulnerable with each passing day, there is no end to innovation and no limit to betterment when it comes to enterprise security solutions. The Cyber Sentinels Security Awards 2022 recognizes the security vendors, VADs, System Integrators and Resellers who have walked the extra mile in innovating their solutions and services for the customers and redefined the term ‘value’ in security offerings.

BCM and Risk Champions Award

Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Risk Champions Award recognize individuals or teams who have demonstrated exceptional skills and contributions in promoting and implementing BCM and risk management within their organization. The award aims to raise awareness about the importance of risk management and BCM and to acknowledge those who have made a significant impact in their field.

BCM is a proactive approach to ensure that essential business functions continue during and after a disruption. It helps organizations to identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. Risk management involves identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks and developing strategies to manage them effectively.

The BCM and Risk Champions Award celebrates individuals or teams who have shown leadership, innovation, and a commitment to promoting BCM and risk management within their organizations, resulting in improved resilience, preparedness, and successful recovery from disruptions.


What our client says

Thank you very much for organizing this amazing event and cannot wait for the 2022 edition

Senior Information Security Specialist The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department

"We need to Invest our energy into something that is going to contribute to our organization’s growth. This prestigious event and recognition are a testimonial to that”

Information & Cyber-Security Professional & GRC Officer, WASL Group

“It is always a pleasure to be associated with The GEC Security Symposium. The team brings fascinating new elements to the show every year. We have always had a very fruitful participation.”

Spire Solutions

“We are delighted to be a part of the GECSS 2021. Security is an ongoing focus for us, and this event and recognition provides added motivation for us to continue in our organisation’s security journey.”

VP, Information Security, GEMS Education

" Integrating business Excellence principles into information security is the best approach to design a world class Information Security program. This event is a wonderful testament of that. Great Going!”

CISO Municipality and Planning Dept, Ajman

“A very well organized event. The attendance was of top quality and it was a great platform to network with some leading CISOs.”


“It is always a delight to associate with GEC Media group and their events. The GECSS symposium was a very well organized events and the CISO networking and roundtable was extremely high quality.”


“In order to have safe digital, and accelerating the future we should be cyber resilience since it’s the readiness to act on any situation and recover on sufficient manner. GECSS is a great platfor, to reflect this thought”

CISO, Abu Dhabi Federal Government

“Feeling proud to be part of this incredible association. I am thankful to GEC Media team for organizing such an wonderful events in this pandemic time”

Director IT, Zulekha Hospital

“It brings me immense joy to be associated The GEC Security Symposium which brings world leaders to a common platform that allows collaboration between those working in the IT security industry and those providing futuristic solutions and services in various sectors.”

Acting Chief Information and Security Officer, TAWAZUN

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