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#ZeroTrust Security | Strive for Assurance: Verify, Never Assume.

PAKISTAN 18th April 2024

ITCN Expo, Lahore
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Pakistan holds the 14th position among 18 states in the Asia-Pacific region on the Global Cyber Security Index for 2020. Recognizing the pressing need to address this concern, the Federal Cabinet took a significant step in July 2021 by approving Pakistan’s first-ever National Cyber Security Policy. This policy has been widely applauded as a positive and crucial move in the right direction to enhance the country’s cybersecurity measures. In alignment with these developments, our forthcoming Security Symposium in Pakistan has been carefully crafted to address the specific security requirements of the region. The symposium aims to provide a platform for discussions, insights, and collaborative efforts to bolster cybersecurity measures in Pakistan. We believe that your active participation in this event will contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts to strengthen cybersecurity in the country.

We are eagerly looking forward to your engagement and participation in what promises to be an engaging and enlightening experience at the Security Symposium.

BCM and Risk Champions Award

Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Risk Champions Award recognize individuals or teams who have demonstrated exceptional skills and contributions in promoting and implementing BCM and risk management within their organization. The award aims to raise awareness about the importance of risk management and BCM and to acknowledge those who have made a significant impact in their field.

BCM is a proactive approach to ensure that essential business functions continue during and after a disruption. It helps organizations to identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. Risk management involves identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks and developing strategies to manage them effectively.

The BCM and Risk Champions Award celebrates individuals or teams who have shown leadership, innovation, and a commitment to promoting BCM and risk management within their organizations, resulting in improved resilience, preparedness, and successful recovery from disruptions.