Auoob Aldakael

Director of Risk Management, Government

Mr. Ayoub Abdulrahman Al-Dakael Holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. Director of Risk Management at Government Sector, with over 15 years of experience in various sectors. He previously worked in various sectors (Government & Private), and also worked in the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia in several departments, starting with Anti Money laundering,Anti Fraud, Risk, Compliance and others.

Al-Dakael contributed in establishing departments in the Central Bank that include risk and compliance management. Also, he established Risk and Business Continuity departments semi-government sector. He holds many specialized certificates in several different fields, specially in risk, compliance and business continuity. Al-Dakael participated in a number of international seminars on Risk and business continuity management. Al-Dakael has also trained other government sectors on risk management. The Council of Ministers in Saudi Arabia noted that Al-Dakael had made a significant contribution to Saudi Central Bank winning the Best Risk Manager award for central banks in 2019. He specializes in developing risk frameworks and operating models.

12:15 PM

KSA Agenda 2023

State of Security & Risk Management in Government Organizations - 2023 and Beyond

Auoob Aldakael, Director of Risk Management, Government

Abdullah S. Marghalany, CISO, Ministry of Health

Moderator: Eng. Mohammed Mahnashi, Information Technology Advisor, Government