Abdullah S. Marghalany

CISO, Ministry of Health

Currently, I am the leader of the 2030 vision transformation for Cybersecurity in Medina Health
Cluster. My goal is to ensure the highest level of protection across different platforms and elements in health organizations including spreading awareness of cyber. For the past 2 years, I’ve been cybersecurity chief officers, being Security+, PMP, CEH and MCITP certified & having a master's degree in cybersecurity helped me implement Strategies, GRC & set policies in useful ways. My ability to do anything to achieve my aim helped me be the project manager of many projects across different areas such as implementing HIS in Medina region, setting up network for 50+ health sites, implementing tele-medicines, and many other successful projects’. I have a long professional history in network administration with 10+ years of technical experience.

12:15 PM

KSA Agenda 2023

State of Security & Risk Management in Government Organizations - 2023 and Beyond

Auoob Aldakael, Director of Risk Management, Government

Abdullah S. Marghalany, CISO, Ministry of Health

Moderator: Eng. Mohammed Mahnashi, Information Technology Advisor, Government