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Venue : Conrad Hotel Dubai
Date : 17th May 2022 | Time 03:00 PM to 03:30 PM

The COVID 19 pandemic has revolutionized how organizations function, hire, and collaborate. This has also exponentially increased the footprint of their digitally exposed assets, allowing threat actors to exploit it. The internet, as we know it today, allows organizations to hire the best talent, acquire customers across the globe, and connect with vendors and partners. However, it also enables cybercriminals to do the same. So much so that the UAE Ministry of Interior (MoI) has recently alerted the public against fraudsters who promote fake jobs online, in an attempt to swindle applicants.

Join us for this exclusive Roundtable and learn more about how:-

Cyber criminal groups use social media and fake domain to lure job applicants

The ease of hosting fake domains and creating fake social media pages, allows cybercriminals to host thousands of sites and pages to spread large-scale scam campaigns and target victims across the globe.

Reputational and revenue loss

Scam campaigns impersonating an organization can have detrimental and lasting impact on the organization’s revenue and reputation.

CloudSEK’s remediation methodology

CloudSEK’s takedown specialist team works closely with the world’s most trusted hosting platforms. Be it the likes of GoDaddy, Facebook, GitHub, Instagram, Twitter etc, who help us with the takedown procedures.

CloudSEK can identify this at scale

The predictive AI engine of CloudSEK, along with our exclusive Machine Learning algorithms, monitor through hundreds of thousands of sites in real time, to identify copycat domains.



Sanchay Raj

Global Account Manager, Cloudesk

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